Future Vision

Since the formation of Harvest Bakery Ingredients Sdn. Bhd, the company has instilled a strong sense of professionalism in all its employees in delivering excellence to its valued consumers. That is why Harvest as a brand-name has become renowned for adopting the lead navigator role in enhancing human health and nutrition by offering innovative and healthy nutritious food to the consumer population.  

Having experienced two decades of steady growth, Harvest's long standing success is due to the excellent reputation it has attained in the bakery industry at both on a local and oversea level. However, our ambition in becoming a true market leader in this sector has motivated us to continue to fully realize our potential to satisfy the needs of our customers at the highest level.  This is to be achieved by continuing to identify and adapt to the ever changing market trends, keep abreast of new technological equipments as well as making great use of high caliber raw materials.  Thus, Harvest's vision for the future is to create value to all our customers. We aim to achieve this by implementing an effective marketing strategy to achieve higher sales growth by increasing our capacity to widen the marketing base through integration of market networks.