Our Aspiration

The future prospects of the food industry seem to be overwhelmed considering the untapped potential the industry has to offer. Harvest is to be a part of these exciting times ahead, envisaging itself to yield unusually brilliant results in the food industry and emerge robustly as an outstanding role model among the Malaysian enterprises. Go a step further, we endeavor to take Asia into our breadth of vision and keep the whole world in view.


The Industry

In Malaysia, the food industry is growing at a rapid pace and has been identified as a major economic contributor next to the manufacturing industry which generates considerable amount of foreign exchange.

Currently, there are not many manufacturers in Malaysia that are capable of producing the most complete range and variety of food products. On the contrary, in many other countries, this is an area which is experiencing tremendous growth for numerous reasons.

Bakery products such as breads, pastries and cakes are not only sweet smelling with tasty flavors, pleasing and inducing to the eyes; they are also very nutritionally rich and prove to be an alternative form of protein source substitution in a staple meal. Furthermore, they are also suitable for consumption from both the old and young generation at all festive occasions, be it celebration ceremonies, birthday parties or even wedding functions.

In the near future, we shall see the concept and ideologies of western bakery entering into Malaysia. Continuing to make headway into the 21st century, we therefore can expect to see the amalgamation of western and oriental bakery products taking the Malaysian food industry to new heights. For this reason, the bakery product industry has been targeted as a significant focal area of expansion by the nations Vision 2020 development plan.