Golden Bull Award                                                     

The Award
Acknowledged as the most prestigious and representative annual business award, the Golden Bull Award honors the best of SMEs in Malaysia by giving them due recognition for their hard-earned success and outstanding achievements. Presented by Nanyang Siang Pau, the Award aims to provide an effective platform to benchmark successful SMEs and to encourage more SMEs to strive for excellence in today's ever-changing competitive globalized marketplace.

In response to the Government's call to support the development of high performance and resilient SMEs, the Golden Bull Award was conceived to help incubate and develop highly successful entrepreneurs in the long run, as well as to provide an effective platform for them to stand out from others and gain trust. Now into its 7th edition, Golden Bull Award is a testament to a rising trend of awareness and recognition towards the importance of SMEs in spearheading the continued economic growth of Malaysia.


In the Spirit of Golden Bull Award

Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are notable for their flexibilities and swiftness in responding to changing business environment. In good times, successful SMEs will grasp the growth opportunity and break new ground; while in times of difficulties, they can be bold enough to take the bull by horns and charge forward by formulating strategies to weather the hardship.
In light of the global economic downturn, winners of the Golden Bull Award this year will be seen as an exceptionally successful organization, while profiling prominently with sterling acclamation. It will be even more meaningful to prove that in the midst of crisis, SMEs still can perform well in their creative and innovative endeavors, fuelling their long-term development towards greater heights.
After six years of organizing, more and more SMEs are coming forward to take up the challenge by nominating for the Award. Winning the Golden Bull Award is a defining moment of corporate excellence and an indication of greater achievements to come. It is a positive symbol of perseverance, confidence, stability and success in the business world, representing the essence of distinction and hallmark of excellence in entrepreneurship.

The Objectives
Competition is the foundation upon which excellence is built. Golden Bull Award aims to:
    •    complement the efforts of the National SME Development Council in promoting and strengthening the coordinated development of SMEs across all sectors towards domestic-led growth of Malaysia.
    •    promote the development of SMEs as the Catalysts of economic growth and domestic investments, enabling them to resume the role as the growth engine of Malaysia.
    •    pay tribute to the winning SMEs for their hard-earned success and well-deserved recognition.
    •    instill a culture of benchmarking among SMEs and encourage them to learn the success formula from the winning SMEs.
    •    encourage more SMEs to increase their productivity and quality through modern management skills, ICT, research and development (R & D), human resources development, financial management, etc.
    •    equip SMEs in facing the challenges and opportunities arising from globalization and trade liberalization.